Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 US Open Final Preview

Hey Y'all.

I'm pretty much wasted now -- for a variety of reasons -- but I will do a prediction for the final and then I'll go through and do a kind of dislikes and likes from the Open. I will also give certain players grades, etc. Also, going completely off topic, I watched my first ever American Football game yesterday. The Patriots got 3 touch downs and beat the Titans by about 20 points. Excellent. Right, let's move onto Djokovic/Murray.

The five-time slam champion, world number one elect, reigning Australian and US Open champion, Serbian Number one plays Murray. But Murray's the British number one -- points if you can name the British number two, I cant -- and flukily won the Olympics when Federer ran out of energy. He is unlikely to win a slam, but he’s still won Masters titles.

This is going to likely be a final devoid of net play and lots of change-ups. It's going to be long dull rallying from the baseline, but let's explore it deeper.

Serve: I think this is about even and will depend very much on who comes out and serves better today. I have a sneaky feeling Djokovic will out do him here but Murray is just as likely to hit 20 aces or something. This one is pretty much an even split

Forehand: Both of these players have traditionally struggled -- read spun it back into play -- but Djokovic has really improved it, where as Muzza’s is still just not good enough. So Djokovic has the advantage here.

Backhand: Both these players' best shots, but Djokovic has the best two-handed backhand in the world. So Muzza's best shot isn't even the best in the world. Ouch. If he can constantly attack Djokovic's forehand wing with his backhand then that may yield some good things for him.

Volley: Murray. Djokovic has never really been comfortable at the net. I mean, Murray is no Rod Laver, either, but he doesn't mind getting up there. If he's brave enough to get up there, it may seriously boost his chances at pushing this to five -- sorry but he's not winning this match -- and I think he needs to be more aggressive.

Footwork and Speed: Djokovic. OK, again it's close, but Djokovic has the edge. Murray is a great runner and has great footwork, but Djokovic is the best retriever in tennis since Sanchez-Vicario. And he is so amazing with his footwork, it's beyond a joke.

Mentality: Djokovic. Murray can let his emotions get the better of him, can go too passive and can also just go within himself or get frustrated. Not to say Djokovic doesn't, but Murray does it more.

OK, bottom line time. What Murray is is just a lesser Djokovic. Big backhand, great defense, great counter-puncher, improved serve, poor forehand. He can't beat Djokovic because Djokovic plays his game, but better. And so I can only pick Djokovic to win a sixth slam and his 5th on hardcourts.

Djokovic-6-2 5-7 6-4 7-6

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