Saturday, January 26, 2013

AO Men's Final Prediction

Hey All.

There is a fantastic Bob Dylan song called "Changing of the Guards." I think it describes what is happening in men's tennis currently. The lyrics are brilliant but don't really make much sense. The title ,though, gives an indication. As a massive Federer fan -- I don't care about the slams, I just love his style -- I have been ignoring the signs for too long. He is diminishing. He is still the second best player in the world, I think. But the days of Rafa and Roger are over, it looks like. They haven't played in a slam final since, I think, the 2011 RG. That is a long time. Djokovic and Murray are playing each other in slam finals increasingly now. Funnily enough, though, both Djokovic and Murray turn 26 this year. Usually players start to decline at 28-29. Federer is such an exception. And Navratilova is well the greatest tennis player ever overall. That is across the three forms of tennis. The fact she played till 47 is for me one of the most amazing things ever. Can I just point out that someone who played against Graf and Evert in the 70s, 80s and 90s partnered Svetlana Kuznetsova to win two Premier tournaments -- aged 47 -- and the finals of the U.S. Open not to mention three other titles with her. I mean forget trophy cabinet. Forget trophy room. Martina probably has some sort of warehouse for her trophies.

Anyway, Murray and Djokovic have finally started to dominate and they haven't got long to enjoy it. Mind you, I think on clay both are vulnerable. In fact, on clay, Murray has never been more than decent. But they are meeting on the hardcourts now. I watched Murray play for four hours and afterwards I looked back and realised I didn't know how he had won. I talked to some acquaintances at my tennis club and they agreed. I just don't understand how Murray wins his matches. In fact -- the opposite to what you may think -- a fair few people in Britain are not huge fans of him. Anyway, Djokovic has a better forehand and a better volley. He is also defensively stronger. Murray is slightly offensively stronger, now , I think. The backhands and the movement are equal. Djokovic is stronger mentally.

Djokovic destroyed Ferrer and he is unstoppable right now. I think I will pick the Djoker in four sets.

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