Monday, May 01, 2006

More Federerisms

7) When children ask, "Where does rain come from?," their mothers tell them that it's just Roger Federer crying.
8) When he was a boy, as he was tossing the ball during his service motion, Roger Federer had a notion about finding a way to connect people around the world through their computers. But as he was hitting the ball for an ace (naturally), he abandoned the idea for the "Rogernet" because it just wasn't big enough for him to waste so much of his time on it. As he moved to the Ad side of the court, he realized that a simple time machine would allow him to face Rod Laver in his prime and...
9) Roger Federer bought a piece of property that included access to a large freshwater spring. Within a few days, he went into the wine business.
10) Roger Federer discovered fire... well, he would have had he gotten the chance (that time machine idea was too simple, so he decided to leave that one to someone else). Of course, it he'd been born in caveman times he'd never have found the Holy Grail or the location of the lost city of Atlantis (there weren't any boat or planes back then, don't you know). Oops, was that supposed to be a secret? Sorry, Roger.
11) Roger Federer doesn't fly to Melbourne for the Australian Open each January. He walks there.

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All for now. To be continued...

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